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D-backs need quality starter, closer. That’s it!

PHOENIX — Ken Kendrick, the D-backs managing general partner, said this week in the wake of the club’s 10-game losing streak, that major changes are in the offing for the Major League roster.

“When the team is playing as badly as this team is…you really need to look very broadly at everything and try to objectively determine what kind of changes you really want to make,” he said.

The current roster as it stands is quite adequate except in two areas: The D-backs need a quality starting pitcher and reliable closer. That’s it. Both holes are the residue of organizational decisions that shouldn’t be blamed on anybody.

In this space I’ve said before that the decision to trade Jose Valverde after the close of the 2007 season, mostly for financial reasons, started a domino affect on the bullpen that the D-backs are still feeling to this day. The D-backs lost Valverde’s 47 saves in ’07 and have yet to find anyone who can replace them. They saved 39 games in ’08, a falloff of eight from Valverde’s numbers a year
before, and finished two games out. They saved 36 games last year, 10 so far this year — 11 blown.

Brandon Webb hurt his shoulder at the outset of the 2009 season, although there was ample evidence in September of ’08 that the problem was ruminating.  He hasn’t pitched since. After shoulder surgery last August, the D-backs made a decision to exercise an $8.5 million option on Webb for this season, hoping he would return to his former Cy Young award-winning form. When he couldn’t even throw, there was no “Plan B.” Webb won 22 games in ’08. With a patchwork quilt of starters trying to fill that slot, the D-backs haven’t even come close in each of the last two seasons.

Certainly there have been other mistakes: The contract to Eric Byrnes, since released and out of baseball, that the D-backs are still paying. The failure to come to terms with second baseman Orlando Hudson, causing another round robin of free-agent signees and utility players at that key position.

The D-backs have a core of good young players that should remain untouched — Dan Haren, Edwin Jackson, Conor Jackson, Justin Upton, Mark Reynolds, Miguel Montero and Ian Kennedy. But they need a top starter and a closer. You can’t win, especially in the NL West, without that.


Webb on cusp: can he make it back this year?

PHOENIX — It is almost June and the possibility of Brandon Webb
returning to the D-back this season is growing doubtful. The
right-handed pitcher hasn’t thrown off a mound since March 4 and he
hasn’t thrown in a game since Opening Day of the 2009 season.

had surgery last August to clean out his right shoulder and the recovery
progress has been agonizingly slow. When his arm is strong enough it
will be at least a month of progressing from pitching to live batters,
to simulated games, to Minor League rehab starts before he’s ready to
throw again in the Major Leagues, D-backs manager A.J. Hinch said on
Friday. And that’s without any further setbacks.

The D-backs have
long ago ceased to establish anymore timetables, all of them having
gone by the wayside as Spring Training turned into the regular season
and the months have progressed.

Webb’s $8.5 million contract
expires at the end of the season. There are no more options. Thus, while
the chances of him pitching again by the All-Star break are nil, the
chances of him throwing in a D-backs uniform again are exceedingly dim.

looked the happiest he’s been in months on Friday when he came off the
field after a throwing session. For the second day in a row at Chase
Field he threw nice and easy on flat ground from about 90 feet, having
adjusted his arm slot a little lower. Webb was ecstatic, which is good
news. Where it goes from here is anybody’s guess.

As the season
inexorably moves on no one in the D-backs camp is yet willing to count
the former National League Cy Young Award winner out. But the calender
doesn’t lie. Webb has four months.