Sudden death overtime baseball

I wish I was on Commissioner Bud Selig’s Special Committee that is delving into the nuances of Major League Baseball. Sudden death overtime would be my top suggestion.

It would shorten games and take an instant edge away from the home team, which under the currents rules, has the greater advantage in extra inning games.

Here’s my drift: Once the game goes into the bottom of the ninth inning tied, that’s it, the first run scored wins it. That’s the way it already is for the home team, but wait. If the visitors score in the top of extra innings, the home team gets another shot at it. Not under my new rules. If the visitors homer in the top of the 10th, it’s a walk off, that’s it. That would put added pressure on every pitch. It’s actually a fairer rule than the one in place now.

I love overtime playoff hockey. The first puck in the net wins it. The game keeps going in 20 minute increments until that happens. I’ve covered four Stanley Cup finals that have been won on overtime goals. Nothing more exciting in sports.

Imagine if a World Series game went into extra innings under the sudden death rule. Imagine the pathos while each player comes to bat in extras. One run at any time and it’s over.

I know this severally bucks tradition, but so did the three division format, so did Wild Card playoff berths in both leagues. Seventeen years after their adoption it’s common place. No one questions it. Some people are calling for more Wild Card teams, a play-in round, seven games in each Division Series. All good ideas.

But I like my idea. Sudden death overtime baseball. There would be nothing like it.   


I might like this better if you flipped a coin after nine innings to see who gets to bat first. Otherwise it is not exactly comparable to the football example.

Read it again. The comparison was to hockey. I didn’t mention football. No need for a flip in baseball. As I said, home team gets first dibs in the bottom of the ninth. If they win it’s over. If the visiting team scores in the 10th it’s over. Actually, much fairer this way than the current system.

That was the most retarded blog ever. Why don’t we have a t-ball distance contest in the 11th. How about we put a 30 second clock on each at bat as well, the pitcher must however throw at least one strike. Actually, just put a two hour time limit on it so that everybody can get home on time. No inning can start after Two hours.

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